Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

ZZ Armory does not express or imply any warranty on items sold via our website beyond that of the manufacturers warranty.  Any and all part are protected by the manufacturers warranty and no liability will be placed on ZZ Armory for part sold in “new” or “refurbished” conditions.  Absolutely no warranty is expressed or implied on any items sold in used condition.

By utilizing this website, you the customer, understand that no liability will be expressed or implied upon ZZ Armory for any failures, injuries, breakage or other damages caused by a malfunctioning part.  Any and all liability is split between the end customer and the manufacturer of the parts used.

In the event that ZZ Armory is hired to repair or to assemble any number of parts for the customer, that part will be tested for performance and then shipped back to the customer.  Once shipping has commenced, there will no longer be any liability placed upon or expressed by ZZ Armory.  Due to the shipping process, and the nature of the business, ZZ Armory cannot and will not guarantee any parts or work once received and/or assembled by the end user.

In the event of a failure to fit, or wrong part ordered, or even faulty product received, we will do all that we can to make the situation right, and to refund funds received minus any fees which we are unable to recover from our vendors.

All Items are eligible for return/refund as outlined on this website for a period of 7 days from time of delivery of the item.

Stock levels in our supplier network fluctuate daily. We do strive to keep our website up to date and choose to only list our most up to date and in stock products on our site.  However, we cannot guarantee stock at all times and therefore suggest that if your order is time critical, to please send us an email or make a call to check stock levels.